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About Vitaminerals

Vitaminerals Philosophy

The Final Ingredient

"Any nutriceutical product consists of individual ingredients. While most are the active components, some are functional, insuring both the integrity and stability of the product. But the sum of the materials does not make the product. There is an additional ingredient that is not listed on the label.

The vast majority of nutritional suppliers are actually just marketers. However well intentioned or honest they may be, they remain at the mercy of others. Often that is the lowest bidder. Only those who make the enormous investment in time and capital to manufacture their own products have ultimate control over their product. Only they can determine which materials will be used, the best or the cheapest. Only they can insure that the product is not manufactured to minimum requirements, but to meet or exceed all standards. Only they can be sure that the products will consistently meet the expectations and needs of the health professional and the patients they serve.

Vitaminerals holds licenses and approvals from both Federal and State authorities ranging from simple Food Manufacturing all the way to Prescription Drug Manufacturing. This means we follow standards much higher and more stringent than actually required for our products. It has been this way since we began.

For over 70 years Vitaminerals has been a family owned and operated company dedicated to serving health professionals. We are in our third generation of service not onty in manufacturing but in sales, as many of our distributors are children and grandchildren of original distributors.

The Final Ingredient we speak of is not any individual component nor is it the quality or integrity of the product. It is the committment to provide the finest product possible, echoing the words of our founder so many years ago:


'Where Health is Concerned,
There can be No Compromise with Quality.'"


Vitaminerals Inc.

"Vitaminerals was established more than 70 years ago on the founding principle that:


'Where Health is Concerned, There can be No Compromise with Quality.'


While that may seem obvious, it is often the obvious that is overlooked.

We are entering our fourth generation of family ownership and management. Perhaps that is what makes us take a personally intense interest in the quality of our products. Indeed, many of our distributors share this pride as they are in their third generation in the Vitaminerals' family.

Vitaminerals has specialized in products that are researched, formulated and distributed through health professionals. We have been proud to supply the dispensing physician with the finest products since 1931.

While most nutritional companies are merely distributors, we realize that the only real guarantee of quality is doing it yourself. We are among a handful that manufacture our own product and we stand virtually alone as a holder of state and federal pharmaceutical licenses that require the highest standards of quality assurance. Although such care and dedication is not proscribed by regulation, it is our belief that a health professional should have nothing less for their patients."

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